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He knows that a happy employee brings about better

The final 40 runners and riders who ran the world famous steeplechase have all returned safely from the gruelling course and were cooled down after temperatures soared to 19 degree in Liverpool today.Winning jockey Derek Fox only returned from injury three days ago and the win was his first ride in the Grand National.Speaking aftewards, he said: “This is the best feeling I have ever had or probably ever will have and I want to take most of it in. I don’t often get a chance to ride a horse as good as that.”Read MoreGrand National 2018That’s all from usWe leave the blog on the fantastic news that no horses have died this weekend.Stick with the Liverpool Echo website for more stories, photos and video from Aintree and all the best for a great Grand National 2018!Thomson said: just can believe it. It been an absolutely amazing day.

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