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I can be flipped on this if someone shows me stats that the

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Canada Goose online Measure V Seems like an overreach by the weed industry. Canada Goose online

Measure Y I see both sides of the issue. I can be turned around on this if people give me states on how often duplexes on the rental market are owned by canada goose store large scale investors v. or small family’s that live in one of the other units. If someone owns a duplex that makes up 90% of their canadian goose jacket net worth they should be able to evict their neighbor for just being a jerk rather than the just the causes in the rental ordinance. I can be flipped on this if someone shows me stats that the above scenario amounts to a de minimum amount of the duplex rentals in Oakland.

uk canada goose Measure Z I’m all for a higher minimum wage, but don’t see why hotel employees should be singled out. There are pretty severe wage and hour laws in CA already if they were breaking the law in the past, I imagine they got sued and paid penalties through the nose. If there was a blanket $15 minimum wage on the Canada Goose Parka ballot I’d vote for it, though. uk canada goose

uk canada goose outlet Measure AA Yes. This is needed. uk canada goose outlet

I’m buy canada goose jacket open to be flipped on these if you have canada goose deals more facts or I’m missing something.

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canada goose store Changed her name, her appearance, this whole mayoral campaign is just a PR campaign to elevate her notoriety for something else down the line. East Bay Express is keeping the fire going by making people think she has a remote chance insane that people are giving up their time to basically help someone through what is in essence a protracted career change (artist to activist to politician) canada goose store

If Kaplan thought Brooks had any chance of winning cheap Canada Goose as mayor, or better yet, running for mayor down the line, she would have never endorsed her. I imagine some quid pro quo down the line Kaplan and Brooks aligning when Kaplan decides to run for Mayor (once Schaaf leaves office), and perhaps Brooks going for one of the council seats.

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canada goose coats on sale You right. There is a very real possibility that there a question of policy preferences! Given that I Canada Goose Jackets voiced none in this discussion and do not plan to, that possibility will likely remain in the realm of the unknowable. canada goose coats on sale

cheap Canada Goose With that said, externally expressed and enacted policy and internally felt emotional experiences are considered by many to be distinct things. I understand if you prefer to define empathy as political policies reflecting our shared human values and experiences, but this is a somewhat unconventional definition that can be expected to make conversation with others potentially more difficult than necessary. cheap Canada Goose

I wish you luck in your endeavors.

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I understand why you feel canada goose black friday sale that way. Why is this asshole insisting on being so pointlessly precise with things?

In this case, I did indeed make an inference. I was looking to confirm that you were using “empathy” as a stand in for “agrees with me”, even if you might not think of it in those terms. This stands in distinction to the very common definition of being capable of understanding the emotions of others. Then, because I do not like to assume too much about others and because that struck me as canada goose outlet excessively cynical, I set about checking that inference.

The result is as you see. Good day.

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buy canada goose jacket You absolutely right. I spoke solely and exclusively of the cost, in dollars and cents, and naught at all of the egregious, pointless, and utterly senseless cost in precious human lives. buy canada goose jacket

canada goose clearance sale For all that you so wisely correct, is it possible that my comment was made in a context where the subject was financial costs? I understand if you and others believe it an ethical abomination to discuss anything DoD without extensive discussion of prices paid in the buy canada goose jacket cheap blood of humanty. canada goose clearance sale

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My thoughts are that there are a ton of people just like Buffy Wicks in Sacramento already. If she’d gone to her native Placer County and run there that’d Canada Goose Outlet be one thing, but the East Bay is California’s conscience. I’d want one of our own in the statehouse. Not a carpetbagger riding her connections to a career in electoral politics. That just ain’t our voice. Beckles ain’t perfect, but I’d rather have that voice in Sacto than another cookie cutter Dem ticking off “progressive” boxes in public and making deals with wealthy donors once the doors close.

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This article just made me realize naively the implications of going into the privacy business, and I want no part in it. If I got this call I wouldn’t know what to do. I believe the government can do horrible things, so saying “no” to them is putting a huge target on my back or causing issues for my family. Also, saying “no” can also have innocent people killed by a terrorist attack. Saying “yes” is inching the industry closer to being an obedient pet for government.

My gut says there’s no terrorist attack and it was just this guy’s job to collect as many backdoors Canada Goose online as possible. Like, wouldn’t FBI be in charge of this if it was domestic concern and an attack was imminent?

Canada Goose Coats On Sale With that said, the odds of the government coming to you and doing horrible things to you when they asking for time sensitive assistance in an intelligence capacity is somewhere between vanishingly low and nil. For all the evil, vile, abusive, life ruining things the government can do, all of them take time. And big, bureaucratic agencies don generally have the time to be slowly vengeful for petty perceived slights. Certainly not big intelligence ones with sharply limited ability to affect your life and an institutional unwillingness to share any information. Despite what some would have you believe, the canada goose coats on sale US government as a whole does not generally go canada goose coats out of its way to harass particular citizens Canada Goose Coats On Sale.

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