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Just like the hippy counter culture of the 60s

Well, I sound most likely awful saying this, but I don’t care enough about these allegations to stop watching the show. As in, I’d love to watch season 3, directed by Landis, even when I know all the media shit that has been surrounding him. Obviously I don’t support sexual assault or anything, I think it’s truly disgusting and I fucking hate sexual predators, at the same time, however, people’s lives can be completely ruined off allegations.

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canada goose clearance sale The current MAGA movement is a counter culture to the (perceived) dominant culture of PC leftism. Just like the hippy counter culture of the 60s, those involved in MAGA seem strange and threatening to the status quo. Also like the 60s, you have those in MAGA who get too far out there (think of Kekistanis as acid casualties, for example). canada goose clearance sale

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